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Are you a business in the medical marijuana market? If you need professional consultation to ensure your business is operating on the right side of the law, or you seek representation to defend your rights as a business, you’ve come to the right place.

The legalization of medical marijuana has presented a whole new set of legal challenges for businesses. If you own or run a medical marijuana business, it is important for you to understand how the laws affect your establishment. Businesses that fail to meet all the legal requirements not only risk having their business temporarily or permanently shut down but can also be vulnerable to lawsuits.

It’s important not only to understand what you can and cannot do, but to understand what your rights are – and to fight for those rights when necessary. That is where we come in!

At Cronus Law, we can help you to simplify the laws surrounding medical marijuana and to sift through all the complicated legal jargon. We will help you to find the best way to run your medical marijuana business in compliance with state and local regulations so that you can ensure your success and security as a business.

Medical Marijuana in Arizona

While marijuana has been in use for many years, only now are more people accepting of its medicinal use in the mainstream public. Research has shown that medical marijuana is able to help people deal with a whole host of conditions. From anxiety and insomnia to pain relief, epilepsy, seizures, and Tourette’s Syndrome, medical marijuana has become something of a phenomenon in helping to treat patients and allowing them to better manage their conditions.

Following the passage of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, state residents are able to avail of these numerous medical benefits. But the law doesn’t affect just the patients—from cultivators to doctors to dispensaries to patients, there are a lot of different groups of people who need to understand these new laws and how they will fit into their lives

Medical Marijuana Businesses & Why You Need A Lawyer

While there are numerous benefits that medical marijuana can offer to patients, this fact remains: The United States is new to legally permitting the use of medical marijuana. This means that businesses are under especially strict scrutiny. From certifications and surpassing building and security code requirements, to handling the financial aspects, medical marijuana businesses must navigate a complex legal system that presents more challenges than owning the average business.

The newness of medical marijuana entails that the issues are still being worked out for how businesses should operate in Phoenix and the greater Arizona area. Certain details present complications due to conflicting state and federal regulations.

For instance, because medical marijuana is not fully legal at the federal level, banks will not allow medical marijuana businesses to process their sales with credit cards and standard bank transactions. This presents a difficulty for medical marijuana businesses handling large sums of money. This is where a professional medical marijuana business attorney can help.

With the help of the right Phoenix marijuana business lawyer, you can make the most of your medical marijuana business. An attorney with familiarity in medical marijuana laws can explain the options available to your business, from handling monetary transactions to hiring certified employees, connecting to doctors who prescribe medical marijuana, and more. Having expert legal help allows you the peace of mind that your business is fully compliant with the law.

At Cronus Law, we offer legal services and aid to help you navigate the laws of the medical marijuana industry with ease and grace. We help businesses run smoothly by handling their legal affairs. That way, you can continue to reach as many people who need the benefits of medicinal marijuana as possible without getting tangled up in any nasty legal issues along the way.

Cronus Law – Helping Medical Marijuana Businesses Stay on the Right Side of the Law

At Cronus Law, we have an experienced team for all of your Phoenix medical marijuana lawyer needs. Our team provides extensive knowledge regarding all medical marijuana laws for the State of Arizona.

With years of experience in litigation and business practice, as well as a fine-tuned knowledge of state and local medical marijuana laws, our lawyers will be able to best guide you and your business towards a successful career in the medical marijuana industry. Our lawyers will ensure that you can continue to make a difference in the countless lives of patients that you serve.

Cronus Law provides your business with both legal and business consulting services – all geared towards ensuring that your medical marijuana growing or dispensary business is in compliance with Arizona’s laws.

Our legal help encompasses anything from explaining the codes and regulations that must be met in order for a business to open, to keeping you updated on any new codes that affect the security measures of your business. In addition, we are also able to represent medical marijuana businesses in civil litigation against local cities when they are in efforts to shut down dispensaries that have been operating legally.

Whether you are unsure about how state and local laws affect your business, or you are already a business operating in the medical marijuana industry that has found itself in some legal trouble, we are here to assist you. We are determined to protect and enforce the rights of legally operating medical marijuana businesses, so they can continue providing medical aid to patients in Phoenix and the rest of Arizona.







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