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In the simplest terms, a contract is a legal agreement between at least two parties that lawfully binds them to their promises. This agreement is enforced by law, and therefore needs to be able to hold up in court. Our Phoenix-based attorneys at Cronus Law are skilled in contract law and have extensive experience representing clients with everything from contract drafting, contract negotiations, and contract disputes in court.

What Is a Contract Lawyer?

A Phoenix contract lawyer will be able to find a possible remedy for a breach of contract, such as:

  • Reliance damages
  • Specific performance
  • General damages
  • Consequential damages
  • Rescission

Contract law is constantly evolving, which is why having a contract lawyer on your team is invaluable. While the concept of a contract attorney isn’t anything new, modern and progressive thinking has caused the concept to move to new areas. Lawyers that have extensive experience with contracts are a significant part of any contract process.

Cronus Law contract attorneys represent clients of all sizes, whether they are small start-up businesses or multi-national companies looking to draft, review, or negotiate a contract.

Contract Law Services

Here are a few of the services that a Phoenix contract attorney can provide:

Contract Drafting

Drafting contracts is something that every business owner or manager will need to be familiar with, as both small business owners and managers of large scale companies need to ensure that their obligations hold up in court. When a Cronus Law attorney drafts a contract, we facilitate effective communication from both parties in order to write out a contract that ensures the needs of our client are met. Our contracts are tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients, and our attention to detail guarantees that the contract will be court ready.

Contract Review

Contract review is a very important part of contract law as the review process can help pinpoint any inconsistencies. A Phoenix contract lawyer will review your contract to make sure there are no unacceptable clauses before you lock yourself into any legal obligations.

Contract Negotiation

This process is the give and take that the participating parties go through in order to reach a final agreement. During this negotiation process, Cronus Law Phoenix contract lawyers will ensure that your interests will be protected.

Contract Litigation

Contract disputes are sometimes inescapable, which is why our dedicated team also facilitates contract litigation. From breaches of contract to issues with the timeliness of delivery, our team has years of experience with contract litigation.

Do You Need a Contract Attorney In Phoenix?

In legal contracts, the format and wording of the document needs to be constructed very specifically in order to be successfully legally binding. The precise structure of these documents should be overseen by a contract attorney so that you can be assured that your contracts will be free of loopholes and will be admissible in court.

Whether you are about to draft a contract or already have one, having an attorney to either critically review your current contract or to draft a new one is extremely beneficial to ensuring your legal protection. A contract lawyer can also provide helpful guidance to you and your business if the other party breaches one of your contractual agreements. If this leads to a court case, our contract litigation attorneys will be able to represent your case. Contract attorneys should always be a part of the contract process.

Breach of Contract Contractual Claims

The majority of contractual claims and cases come about because one or both members of the contract contend that there has been a breach of contract. When a contract is breached, it is when there is a failure without a legal excuse to uphold any promise that was required from a part of the contract. When one party fails to hold up their side of the contract, the other party is able to sue for damages or any other consequence that happens as a result of the breach.

Breach of contract damages can vary widely; these consequences can include a variety of damages, such as time wasted when waiting for untimely deliveries and loss of profits on sales. Broken contracts are fairly common in any industry, and these cases come about for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Failure to deliver or delayed delivery of a product or service
  • Failure to pay or delayed payment of a product or service
  • Failure to uphold the terms of a lease, loan document, or mortgage
  • Disputes between workers
  • Contract term disputes

Cronus Law Contract Practices

When working with our contract attorneys, you can rest assured that you will fully understand all of the terms that are required of you in your contractual agreement, so you will know that you are completely secure with the contract in its entirety. Our goal is to make sure that you feel one hundred percent confident in your agreement.

The Phoenix contract attorneys at Cronus Law have extensive experience with handling and negotiating contract disputes for clients. Some of our areas of practice include:

  • Breach of supplier contract
  • Breach of construction contract
  • Breach of employment contract
  • Breach of commercial lease
  • Breach of franchise contract
  • Breach of licensing contract
  • Breach of asset-purchase contract
  • Breach of buy-sell contract
  • Breach of supplier contract
  • Breach of services contract
  • Collection of business debts

At Cronus Law, we also offer a range of dispute resolution services including arbitration, mediation, and more procedures when and if they are viable options. These resolutions can be beneficial as they are confidential and agreeable for our business clients.







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