Markus Risinger

Markus Risinger


Markus is an attorney with an eclectic background of experience that includes civil and criminal litigation, child welfare investigations and litigation (Title 8 dependency/severance and Title 25 matters), administrative controversies (Department of Child Safety and Adult Protective Services Registry disputes), and constitutional challenges to state laws and government agencies in various contexts. In addition to his work in litigation, Markus has successfully argued cases to the Arizona Supreme Court and Court of Appeals that resulted in significant published decisions affecting the rights of Arizonans in child abuse and neglect investigations, parental rights and third-party custody disputes, and other matters. He also teaches a graduate-level course on federal administrative agencies and regulation. His current practice focuses on appeals from judicial and administrative decisions, property disputes, personal injury, and general litigation and consultation.

Markus is proud to have devoted significant time to public interest causes, including drafting and supporting legislation and participating in the Arizona Court of Appeals Pro Bono Program. He has testified before numerous committees at the Arizona State Legislature as a subject matter expert in juvenile, family, and administrative law matters. Whether through appeals or legislation, he truly enjoys contributing to the development and improvement of the law.

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Practice Areas

Appellate Law

Civil Litigation

Personal Injury

Administrative Law

Juvenile Law

Criminal Law

Landlord Tenant Law



Markus graduated cum laude from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. He completed his undergraduate studies in sociology and philosophy at Arizona State University and graduated summa cum laude.


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