Jeff Bouma

Jeff Bouma


John Jeffrey Bouma was one of the first attorneys in Arizona to handle cases involving Medical Marijuana, successfully challenging the Arizona Department of Health’s excessively restrictive, illegal and unconstitutional regulations of the industry. Mr. Bouma and his co-counsel in the case were successful in obtaining court rulings which invalidated large parts of the department’s regulations, which would have prevented many licensed dispensaries and grow facilities from opening, despite their compliance with the statue passed by Arizona Voters.

Mr. Bouma has not only represented businesses fighting excessive regulation, but has also handled internal business disputes for companies of all sizes.  He has also held numerous positions in the Environmental sections of the Maricopa County Bar Association Environmental Section, including Chairman, where he oversaw the transformation of the section into Committee. Since his election to the ENRLS board in 1996, he has also held numerous positions on the Executive Council of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section of the State Bar of Arizona.

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